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Installed wire antenna on 160m band

cq9a plans to participate in the IARU HF competition where it will test all new installed equipment

New video from CQ9A

filmed by Eu4CK from the top of the mast (USA direction)

New tribander 4-5-6 installed on new mast

Yesterday evening the new tribender 4-5-6 was lifted and installed on a new mast (21m) for the American direction

New tribender checking (USA Direction)

Valery CT9ACD (ew6w) checks a new tribender ( 21 meter mast), USA direction

new video 15m band testing on tribander

Testing tribander on 15m. Valery EW6W works with personal call as CT9ACD

CQ9A: spiderbeam poles

A bit outdated video about materials for 4SQ antennas

New mast for the 5 elements Yagi

EW6W raises the mast for the 5 elements Yagi on 10 M band

CQ9A – 40M 4SQ antenna

Here is new video about 4SQ (4 Square) on 40m band designed by EW6W (CT9ACD)